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A sound healing spiritual expansion experience like you have never imagined 

Miriam's Circle

A gathering of the divine feminine in all our glorious shapes, sizes, ages, colors, cultures & belief systems. We come together to love, encourage & support each other.


Gain insight from your Higher Self or communicate with a deceased loved one.


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About Me

Who is Cathy Andrews?

 Once on a path of awakened consciousness, even though it is by no means easy, you will never wish to return to a state of sleeping unawareness" says Rev. Cathy Andrews. Cathy has spent most of her life on a spiritual path, but in eyes wide open awareness since the 1980s.  

 Cathy is a spiritual medium, a multi-modality energy healer, workshop facilitator, ordained interfaith minister, published author, certified reflexologist, nutritional counselor, death doula (she helps souls cross over), and most recently her guides pointed out to her that the past 20 years of her life she has been in training as a sound healer without realizing specifically that is what the Wings on the Ground program is. She is not embarrassed to admit that sometimes her guides still do need to talk in very frank language with her when she is just not getting something! Cathy is married to Chef John Andrews, and together their blended family consists of 6 adult children, one grandson and twins will arrive in late July.  


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